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Standard User bsod
(committed) Mon 21-Apr-14 11:35:49
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Which ISP for 'fibre' ?

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Hi, I'm currently with Entanet via UKFSN and am thinking of changing to 'fibre' (well, vdsl if you fancy being technical) , as I feel I am paying a bit more than I should be for ADSL2, and also I'm sick of the slow upload. I'm currently getting a sync speed of 14330 kbps and upload fo 1089 kbps.

I'm currently on the 30GB package which gives me 30GB of usage betweeen 'peak time' which is M-F 8am - midnight. Weekends and times outside of that are unlimited. I seem to be busting the 30GB peak limit recently, so I would like unlimited or a high GB cap - maybe 100GB?

The pre-requisities are:
*must have static IP address
*no port blocking
*no filtering whatsoever.

I have an email and a webserver running on my connection.

My budget is around £20-30 (tops) for 'fibre' internet and ideally would like as short a contract as possible. I'm currently on a 30 day one, however, I do realise that fibre will require a minimum term of 12 months.

I am considering Plusnet, but I am put off by the 18 month contract. It's like getting a mobile phone all over again...

Zen's offering looked good until I saw the prices were ex vat!

I also saw Entanet's offerings too, ironically the script on the ukfsn website is broken but it seems that it's £6 more per month than what I am paying, and also if I want more upload (the whole point of getting this connection!) it's another £1.50 to have upto 10Mbps.

I don't care for bells and whistles such as sport on tv, just a decent quality connection with no [censored] and a good price for the package.


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