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Standard User ninjalondon
(newbie) Sun 17-Aug-14 09:39:37
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Virgin - switch to Plusnet or not.....

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Third world problem I know but gradually getting tired of Virginmedia in SE18 - i have 152mb...when it works, which during a week day is most of the time, it's fine. Evening, it slows down generally to around 60/70 sometimes 50. Again, generally fine.

However, in the past few weeks we have had the DNS issues (now changed mine) and twice, network has failed - i say twice, they've lasted a few days each time. Both area issues, supposedly should have received some service but in practice nada. Luckily I have 4G at home and can get an ok service for periods.

In the past, over the olympics, it took 8 months to get an area issue (high usage) resolved. It has been ok since.

This morning, the thinkbroadband speed test registered av download speed 151 (using ethernet over powerline), latency of 58ms, burst (6x) 191 and burst (1x) of 86.

I do need to keep checking and start measuring properly but am I silly to move to Plusnet - the expected speed is 75mb and 19 up.

Friends tell me Plusnet is great and the local cabinet is showing as good in terms of capacity.

Price is a wash - with cashback and the offers, broadband and phone is effectively the same over 18 months.

Thoughts/Experience welcome.

Standard User francisuk25
(learned) Sun 12-Oct-14 20:23:18
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Re: Virgin - switch to Plusnet or not.....

[re: ninjalondon] [link to this post]
I been with sky fibre pro for nearly 19 months and pay £50 + 15.40 line rental and is been good, I have never really had a downtime issue and when it was, It was about 2 in the morning and lasted about an hour, Speed wise always had 54Mb Down, 17 upload even at peak times but can very on the line length/DLM changes BUT however there 2nd supoort is rubbish, Dont expcet them to be good on this area, They always check the line over and over again and when they cant they just send a BT engineer out to reset something in the cab.

My parents are on Zen Unlimited Fibre 2 is £5 cheaper then Sky and they do a better customer service and they seems what they are talking about.

1999-2004 Freeserve/Wanadoo Anytime 56K Dial-Up, 2005-2007 Legend Communications ISDN 128K (Childrens Home) 2007-2008 Telewest/Virgin Media 2Mb/256Kb -> 2009 4Mb/768Kb -> 2010 10Mb/1Mb -> 2011 100Mb/10Mb 2013 Sky ADSL+2 8Mb/920Kb
Now: 2013 - Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro 80/20 Synced; 52Mb/16Mb - TV: Virgin Media XL TV with a Samsung TiVo 1TB box

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