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Standard User fourtytwo1
(newbie) Wed 03-Dec-14 15:02:46
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Plusnet support.....beware!!

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I have been struggling on an over 3kms line for many years, periodically I have tried to get some support from Plusnet usually without success, the answer I get is "what do you expect".
My downlink synchspeed has been below 1500kbps for a long time.
I decided to take matters into my own hands and invested in a new router (W8960) this at least stopped dropouts (I think the old router just got to hot) but still the speed was not great, moving to the master socket didnt do much good either but I realised some of the cabling had been installed by non-bt as there were split pairs in the master socket wiring!! fixing this and a long run of drop cable alongside the power feed to the house raised the synch speed to 2000kbps but it would not rise above this despite and snr of >10db.
I called Plusnet again and in deperation wrote to them but still the same bad attitude "what do you expect"!! one day i was on there user site and a box popped up offering chat, well I thought anything goes so explained all to the support person, hmmm mom while i look he said, well he came back with the astonishing news there was a 2mbps cap on my line, why is it there he asked!!
Needless to say cap removed and rate immediatly shot up to over 3500kbps!!
BUT today i noticed my uplink had dropped from 960 to 440kbps despite the snr being >19db
Ho I thought, i will try those nice people on the online chat again......... conversation
them, "what do you expect"
me, can you fix it ?
them, we can put back the cap or force your downlink target snr up to reduce its speed
me, if the cap goes back on i will leave plusnet
them, ok if you want to leave do so

hahaha so one day you get the one decent support guy, the next you are back with the usual absolute rubbish!! and this is a company that claims award winning support!!

so think twice about plusnet although they may not be the worst, god help us if they are supposed to be the best.............
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 03-Dec-14 16:52:22
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Closed as cross post

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