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Standard User dsch
(member) Fri 10-Jul-15 12:29:24
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ISP for FTTC with Good Customer Support

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I now need to switch form ADSL2 to FTTC. I'm looking for UK based customer support, or at least support that doesn't rely on scripts and at a somewhat reasonable cost. Other than emails and internet use I intend on streaming Netflix, iPlayer, etc..... International calls to the USA is another requirement I must consider with pricing. Advice from others who have made this move before would be gratefully appreciated.

I know that an unlimited bundle is probably best, but is a 500gb limit (Idnet- see below) too risky a proposition for streaming video?

I've focused on Zen, Idnet and Pulse8. Taking into account my International phone usage, Pulse8 saves me about £10.00 pcm. Of these three, is one preferable to the other? Are there any considerations about these three I should take into account? I'm currently with Idnet and have been happy for years on ADSL2. Any other providers I should consider?

Thanks in advance to everyone who takes time out to reply.
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