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Standard User Callumpy
(learned) Tue 20-Sep-16 19:17:49
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Moving away from BT

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Hello, I am currently with BT on some out of contract Infinity 2 package costing £32.50 before line rental and extras, so I wouldn't mind moving away.

I've been offered a 24 month contract with BT on the same package for £26 a month, but I'm not sure I want to tie myself down for 2 years.

I want a reliable ISP, which to be fair BT have been so far, and I would quite like to get IPv6 if possible without paying more than I do now.

I've had a look at Sky, they apparently are working on IPv6 with quite a large percentage of their customers already on it, but I am really not sure what their service is like. I've also looked at Zen who offer IPv6, but I'm reading bad things about them on these forums.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

Modem: Huawei HG612 3B -- Unlocked SP10 Firmware w/ BLOB A2pv6C035m.d22g
Router: TP-Link WR1043ND -- Gargoyle OpenWRT 1.6.1

Current Connection: BTInfinity 2 (80/20)
Previous Connection: BE Pro (24/2.5) -- Left because of Sky.

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