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Standard User fuzed
(newbie) Thu 22-Sep-16 09:43:23
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Another ISP decision to make - currently with SSE

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So, I've been with SSE for over a year now, and my contract is at an end or nearing the end.

I've been having major issues with traffic/congestion, to the point I've been getting 1.8mb to 6mb down when they throttle the speeds after 8pm.

SSE are going around in circles, even though they know what the issue is, asking me to do speed tests etc, sending out engineers and getting no where fast.

I'm fed up and want a service that works, and doesn't lag/slow down when I'm just viewed a video on FB or Youtube.

So i've been looking around, and have found cloudscape connect, a small provider who appear to have a few happy customers, they are offering unlimited fibre and phone line for £42 a mth.

Other option is spitfire (who I use for a connection at work), and they have been great, they are a little more for the same service £43.50 a mth.

Any other thoughts, I want an unlimited service, with no traffic shaping.

I used to be a xilo (now uno) customer, but they are unable to offer me a 80/20 line via my exchange due to not having enough circuits/space or something or another, otherwise they would have been my first choice.

Thanks all.
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