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Standard User Fellwalker
(learned) Mon 13-Feb-17 13:52:06
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Re: Seriously considering changing from BT to IDNet/Zen. Vie

[re: RobertoS] [link to this post]
Thanks @RobertoS, that was your first link, and then I was looking on their main menu for "Email", not web hosting because I have no use for a web site. Silly me.
Thanks for your suggestions and putting me right.

I'll need to rethink my email strategy, as I have my history in BTYahoo using 0.26% of the 1TB (Space for 54 million more emails) that they allow, whereas all of the personal solutions i have looked at only give a few hundred MB. If I leave BT, I'd lose the BTYahoo. The smaller storage suggests I wouldn't be using hosted email through webmail, because it would need regular trimming before too long. I would have to use something like gmail, or yahoo to be able to keep access on PC, phone and tablet. I've found it very useful being able to search back for when I did something - so as a backup I do have outlook 2007 set up through IMAP to retain offline access to them all if I leave BT, but that only works on the one laptop.

My current domain name is with Easily (part way through 5 years for £22) and 20 email forwardings included but no hosting. Their email hosting is £9.99 for a year, which would allow me to configure gmail or or a new Yahoo to send and receive. As I have been very happy with Easily I will try their email hosting first.
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