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Standard User silvertorch
(newbie) Sun 13-Nov-11 09:19:01
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Talk Talk Business Dilemma

[link to this post]
Currently with ZEN, had great service, decent speeds for large village BT exchange, 4-6 mb/s. Recent problems which look like they are connected to a dodgy router has made me look again at the possibilities of changing ISP. I've always valued customer service and ZEN have been exceptional in this regard. I left Talk Talk Residential 2 years ago after enough of the Indian call centres and reading off a sheet, intermittent dropping of signal etc... when I switched the problems went away overnight. So maybe I'm mad even debating this yet, had a call from Talk Talk Business....

I quickly mentioned all of my old problems,
They replied that the TALK TALK Business, has all call centres in the UK
Priority traffic
Their own equipment in the exchange which has been unbundled (I've verified this with SAM KNOWS website)
They also state I should be able to get 9-10 mb/s (I don't fully understand this as even with equipment in the exchange) isnt the traffic going down the same wires? or does priority traffic means it like an outside lane of a motorway?)
The price savings are significant.

Too good to be true?
Well, I just don't know, I have found hardly any reviews on Talk Talk Business anywhere where someone has switched to them from the scenario I have described. On the think broadband compare speeds utility, they are consistently slower on the bar graphs.....

Can anyone offer any advice/experience on this?
ISP Representative BCS
(isp) Sun 13-Nov-11 11:05:05
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Re: Talk Talk Business Dilemma

[re: silvertorch] [link to this post]
Hi Silvertorch,

Good to hear you hold our Customer Services in high regard. smile.

I can't comment on the specific service details Talk Talk Business (previously known as Opal) have provided you with, however I am interested to understand how this phone call with you started.

Did Talk Talk Business know who you were, that you are currently with Zen and were previously with Talk Talk residential?

Many thanks,

Brian Storey -
ZeN Internet
Senior Provision Specialist

Contact Zen Customer Services:-

T: 0845 058 9000 / 777 option 5. 9am to 5pm weekdays
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Standard User silvertorch
(newbie) Sun 13-Nov-11 11:23:41
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Re: Talk Talk Business Dilemma

[re: BCS] [link to this post]
Yes, I cannot fault ZEN at all, they have been meticulous with their replies and I don't mind paying more for good service. Talk Talk Business when they phoned kept mentioning about significant higher speeds due to their own infrastructure in the exchange which they say is due to the exchange being unbundled LLU and I have looked at this with the Sam Knows website and its true that they and Sky have their own equipment in the exchange. What doesn't add up though is the following:

a) Zen continually beats TT Business in the thinkbroadband speeds comparison
(though does it make any difference if its TT Business in an unbundled exchange)
b) Why does the advisor from TT Business continually talk of 9-11 mbs when the details on the exchange talk about up to 8 MB (can they make such claims if they have their own equipment in the exchange???)
c) On speaking to Simplify digital this morning, the same question on possible download speeds for my area was asked, and the advisor there told me it could only be 5.5 despite the information that was given by the TT advisor.

Talk Talk residential were previously a nightmare, so how can a Talk Talk Business be so so different in customer care, speed and service. I have too many good reasons to not switch to TT Business yet are the claims on speed likely to be true. With many products they say, try us for 1 month and if you don't like us switch....well I've been with ZEN now for a long time and they have been responsive to any issues, though in fairness I've only had this one current issue which they have been great in helping me with and hopefully a new router will solve it. If the speeds that Talk Talk are promising are so inaccurate surely this should be a trade descriptions issue? The advisor was not prepared to state in writing a guaranteed minimum speeds at most times (or even during the middle of the night or the quietest time of the day/week).

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Standard User cavillas
(knowledge is power) Sun 13-Nov-11 15:54:38
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Re: Talk Talk Business Dilemma

[re: silvertorch] [link to this post]
I think you should check on all the TalkTalk forums to see what they are really like. Thegrass is not always greener.

smile IDNET Happiness Online smile
I am in no way employed or connected with IDnet other than as a customer.

There are 11 kinds of people, those who understand binary, those who don't and those who don't care.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 14-Nov-11 12:58:54
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Re: Talk Talk Business Dilemma

[re: silvertorch] [link to this post]
On the speed issue, TalkTalk can offer ADSL2+ since they have their own hardware, TalkTalk offer ADSL2+ at more exchanges than BT Wholesale do.

Getting connection stats from existing router and feeding them into will help you see if their estimates of speed improvements are better.

Important our speed comparisons are based on peoples votes, NOT actual tests of lines.

On Simplify Digital better just another sales site, now if you have an attenuation of 47dB now then you wont go much faster, if you have 40dB attenuation and are only on IPStream (ADSL) then you could well see 10Mbps from TalkTalk or Sky

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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Standard User silvertorch
(newbie) Mon 14-Nov-11 13:28:05
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Re: Talk Talk Business Dilemma

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
Thank you for that reply, just seeing Talk Talk's own forum's was enough for me make the decision to stay put plus people's votes on thinkbroad...!! (even though they are not line tests)
(isp) Tue 15-Nov-11 16:24:55
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Re: Talk Talk Business Dilemma

[re: silvertorch] [link to this post]
HI Guys,

Jsut to clarify the TalkTalk Members Forum are for TalkTalk Residential customers only, we dont handle TT Business issues.

The TT Business service is managed by a seperate part of the TalkTalk Group. The TT Members Forum have no access to their accounts and do not provide TT Business support, this is provided by the specialist TT Business Teams only.


TalkTalk Online Community Executive

TalkTalk, Online Community
"The information contained within these posts is provided by TalkTalk
to assist in the resolution of any queries our customers may have. Should you
have a specific request for information please do not hesitate to contact me."
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