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Standard User arad85
(newbie) Fri 20-Jan-12 14:12:48
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Clara.Net - opinions/alternatives

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I'm a home user looking to move to FTTC. I'm not an average home user as I work from home and often move large amounts of data around to work colleagues, so I'm looking at Clara.Net SOHO 40/10 buisness package. Whilst it is expensive compared to a home users package, it does give me what I want including unmetered and unshaped up & down, static IP, no port blocking etc...
Does anyone use them? If so, what are they like for support etc... The very few reviews seem to be old and negative, but the package they offer - whilst slihtly more expensive than others - seems to offer what I want & need (I'm currently a Be home user and like the no limits/unmetered aspect of the product).

Thanks in advance
Standard User simondup
(newbie) Fri 02-Mar-12 12:34:48
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Re: Clara.Net - opinions/alternatives

[re: arad85] [link to this post]
Out of interest did you go with clara ?

I am in a similar position and looking for some feedback about them.

Standard User ultra
(experienced) Tue 17-Apr-12 08:40:29
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Re: Clara.Net - opinions/alternatives

[re: simondup] [link to this post]
I'm looking at their 'gamer' a/c (10 GB traffic / month in peak hours of 0800-1800 and FUP 'unmetered' off peak) from the site.

I am not a gamer, but it will mean I can use Netflix / LoveFilm / iPlayer on PS3 during the evening to watch TV shows or films without worrying about how much the downloads clock up.

NB Bank Holidays are treated same as other weekdays so daytime 10 GB allowance is still in effect.


If you run a business, have a second ISP and backup web hosting...

1996? Enterprise (IoM 0345) +
1998? + Freeserve

2000 Freeserve 500kbps (+ Clara dial-up + Clara USENET/Mail)
2002 ? Eclipse 500 kbps + FS
2003 ? UKFSN 1000 kbps + Eclipse
2005 ? PlusNet 8 Mbps+ Eclipse
moved home - used office BB
2008 Three dongle at home
2010 PlusNet 2 Mbps + Three dongle
2012 PN 10 Mbps + Three (ZTE 802.11 router) + Three mobile (802.11 hotspot)
2013 PN 30? Mbps + VM 30+? Mbps + Three mobile

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