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Standard User BatBoy
(legend) Thu 17-Feb-11 21:38:26
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Windows 7 SP1

[link to this post]
we now have dates for the official release timetable:

TechNet/MSDN/Volume Licenses: February 16, 2011

Official Public Availability: February 22, 2011

Standard User The_Jimster
(committed) Fri 18-Feb-11 00:39:56
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Re: Windows 7 SP1

[re: BatBoy] [link to this post]
just checked my MSDNAA account - not there frown

but didnt realise what i actually had in there - fair whack-o-stuff !!!!
(and yes i have win7 pro a 32bit key and 64 bit ones, but i have them installed already - was just looking for the SP download)
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