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Standard User camieabz
(legend) Fri 25-Feb-11 10:36:45
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MS Word Tip

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Just discovered this.

If you want to insert a line quickly, hit the dash key three times and hit enter. Quite handy.


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Standard User cheshire_man
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 25-Feb-11 14:21:21
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Re: MS Word Tip

[re: camieabz] [link to this post]
Inserts a horizontal line providing the cursor is positioned at the start of a paragraph.

There are some more of these but I can't find them at the moment. I'll dig around.

Edit: 3 equal signs gives a double horizontal line.

As an aside I see that =rand(x,y) <enter> where X and Y are positive integers produces different text in Word 2010 compared to earlier versions - at least 2003 and earlier.


Edited by cheshire_man (Fri 25-Feb-11 14:22:16)

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