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Standard User JontyPearson
(newbie) Thu 21-Apr-11 13:51:05
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Internet Exployer 9 & ebay items - big gap

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Windows (7) update has recently downloaded internet exproler 9 onto all my Pc's. However when I view items on ebay (using ie9) I get a Big GAP between the item description and the Business seller information. Anyone know how to fix this?
Thanks Jon
Standard User AEP
(knowledge is power) Thu 21-Apr-11 15:38:12
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Re: Internet Exployer 9 & ebay items - big gap

[re: JontyPearson] [link to this post]
Click on the "Compatibility View" icon (left of the Refresh arrow). You can use the Tools/Compatibility View settings menu item to always show the site in Compatibility View.
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