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Standard User acpsd775
(experienced) Sat 04-Aug-12 10:11:47
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Brother MFC-5895CW

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Hi has any one had a Brother MFC-5895CW or similar in the range im thinking about getting one as theres one on ebay for £90 with 2 sets of ink ive been thinking about an a3 printer for a while and need a new all in one.

Basically i want to know about the quality of prints my current Epson injet is a bit [censored] ok for text but images are a bit shoddy and my colour laserjet is costing me a fortune while printing flyers. i also print home photos and again my Epson dont do a good job with this and cant really use the laserjet for photos.


Ash FTTC 70000/23828 kbps Bigtv+ IPTV Package 588M from the cab 6dB snr 22Aten
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