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Standard User slippyjim
(experienced) Tue 05-Mar-13 12:59:12
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Backup Program recommendations

[link to this post]

I currently use Acronis True Image 2010 and do like it but I thought it was time to update to make sure I could handle all new big HDDs etc
I use it mainly to backup clients HDDs when reinstalling Windows, so I take the HDD out of their PC hook it up to my PC and do the backup then afterwards mount the image to copy the files out.
One thing I do not like is that whenever I do a backup or restore my PC goes so slow its hardly usable (E6750 o/c to 3.5GHz)
I downloaded the trial version of ATI 2013 but that has a few annoying features like not able to set a default backup location and get it to remember and its even slower now.

Cut a long story short any recommendations?
Must support
- large drives
- be able to mount images as drives
- be as quick as possible

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