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Standard User blackmesa8
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 27-Jun-13 02:15:27
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Video playback issue

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Hey all wonder if any genius's here know whats causing this.
New pc build with windows 7 pro 64bit and a radeon 7870 i wont go into further detail unless asked to but something is causing a minor but very annoying video playback issue..

First off this is just a video playback issue gaming is not in the slightest bit affected..

During video playback via almost any software i get tiny micro stutters. A old version of vlc that doesn't have dxva cuases it to happen the least so i think that might help narrow it down maybe.

Anything that uses dxva including youtube video acceleration drops frames at a slow but constant rate. It is nothing huge after about 1 minute of video there will be 10 to 18 dropped frames. They tend to occur in a group so fine for 20 seconds then suddenly 4 dropped frames, fine for 15 seconds then suddenly 6 drops frames.
Things i have tried so far is. Reinstalling video drivers and changing to older video drivers. Turning off hardware acceleration in flash (makes it even worse) messing with resolution and refresh rate and other g card settings. Resetting graphics settings back to default.
Turning off Aero.

So far only thing thats made the slightest difference is turning aero off lowered the dropped frames from 10-18 to about 8-12 a minute on youtube and made dxva via media players even better so that came very close to fixing it but not quite. I have a feeling that just helped reduce or cover up the issue but not fix it at all.

Any ideas?


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