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Standard User Littleseen
(regular) Mon 15-Jul-13 14:22:05
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I am lost

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I am lost. I use XP and I go to My Computer> Local Disc Drives> Properties> Tools> then I can select Backup and am told that "this option will back up files on the volume" whatever that means.

So I select Backup Now> Wizard> Backup files and settings --- it provides four choises. At this point I am lost.....

I do have a backup external hard drive which will save my files and folders. I do have the ability to use an A-drive.

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Standard User metalhead41
(knowledge is power) Mon 15-Jul-13 15:39:00
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Re: I am lost

[re: Littleseen] [link to this post]
What do you want to backup specifically?
The four options it gives you are:
- My documents and settings --> will backup your "my documents folder" and all settings associated to your account.
- Everyone's documents and settings --> as above but for all accounts on the computer
- All information on this computer --> The entire c drive (the longest backup option)
- Let me choose what to backup --> choose what you want to backup (e.g items on your desktop and a particular folder on the root of csmile

Once you have selected one of these options you will then be given the choice of where to backup to. Make sure your external HDD is plugged in and then choose that from the menu. Don't even attempt to backup to A: (you'll need a lot of floppy disks tongue).

Finally, whatever backup option you choose, it's not advisable to use the computer until complete...

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