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Standard User ARD
(knowledge is power) Sun 22-Sep-13 09:38:16
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USB flash drive for Win 8 recovery

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Iím nervously preparing for my first Windows 8 desktop. The system will not ship with a Win 8 disc or even a Win 8 recovery disc. Two queries:

1. As with Win 7, users are advised to make recovery media using several DVDs or a USB flash drive. The advice for Win 7 user was USB drive of no more that 32 gigabytes. Looking at the instruction for Win 8, users are advised to opt for a drive of at least 32 gigs. I thought Iíd go for a 64 gig drive but will this be big enough?

2. A little additional advice is to use a make of USB drive that one trusts! Iíve used ByteStor for the best part of ten years but they havenít produced a USB 3 version. Integral drives look almost identical to Bytestor. Are they the same article with different brand names?
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