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(committed) Sat 12-Apr-14 11:10:41
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Hide TaskBar in 8.1U

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Has anyone else noticed a problem in the 8.1 update with auto hiding the taskbar in desktop mode?

I have two 8.1U machines set to hide the taskbar (I do like a completely clear screen) and the behaviour seems to have changed from 8.1

If I move to the bottom of the screen so the taskbar appears and then click on the start button (the one that appeared with 8.1, not the original 8 corner icon) the start page appears. I click on the program I want to start but when the desktop reappears the taskbar is still showing. To hide it I have to click on a blank section of the taskbar and then the desktop.

Anyone else see this, or is it something to do with the way I set up my machines?
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