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Standard User lelboy
(committed) Mon 07-Jul-14 10:27:52
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Win 7 Boot issue.

[link to this post]
Need a little help, please.
Dell desktop PC - Win 7. Been working fine until the last four days.
Go to boot up, but the screen just hangs after I enter my password. Did the "repair" part of the menu. It says that there is no problem, but still will not boot. Starts in safe mode. Selecting different menu option - "directory service repair mode" - instead of normal safe mode, allows it to boot - with icons etc normal size, and antivirus working.. Apparently that's not usual whilst in "safe mode" (I'm using avast).
All I can think of is that I downloaded a free HDD cloning program - which MSE (in use before problem - changed to avast afterwards) said was virus free - then the problem came!
Removed all traces of said program, and uninstalled a few other programs not used for a while. but the problem remains.....
Have run full scan, including SuperAntiSpyware, but nothing shows.
It did show "txtsetup.sif code 14 error", before I ran the repair (1st option in safe mode): that appears to have gone now. At one point error 0 x 490 showed.
Any help much appreciated
3GB Core-Duo
Win 7
4GB DDR2 memory
Glary Pro
Am using in safe mode now - but the obvious limitations are a pain in the backside!
I can turn off and restart anytime, but can only boot using an option from the safe mode menu. If using normal safe mode choice, all icons are large - as would be normal.
Cheers, Les. (oh yes, I no longer have the original Win 7 CD, so can't use that in any waysmile

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Standard User iand
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 07-Jul-14 18:49:16
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Re: Win 7 Boot issue.

[re: lelboy] [link to this post]
can you think back to when your pc was working ok. You could revert back to that time using windows restore.

If not then Can I suggest that you go into control panel device manager and delete most of the core keyboard/memory/hard disk, video/etc.. type drivers. When you reboot these should auto detect and start again. That fixes 50% of the issues. The other 50%, well, use the event log

Standard User lelboy
(committed) Mon 07-Jul-14 19:30:56
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Re: Win 7 Boot issue.

[re: iand] [link to this post]
Hi Ian,
Thanks for your interest.
Problem started a few days back - I feel after I installed some freeware that my antivirus said was ok!
Did as you suggested - no change unfortunately. No system restore point, either - that was my first thought to do!
If I can't fathom this out, I suspect I'm going to have to get another HDD, and reinstall Win 7 from a new disk.
I don't want to interfere too much with my current HDD, as there's a lot on it that I'll want to save - and it appears that I can't do that whist in this particular safe mode?
Should have left well alone, and not bothered with this "free" cloning software!
Ah well....
Thanks again, Les.

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Standard User ian72
(knowledge is power) Tue 08-Jul-14 08:27:47
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Re: Win 7 Boot issue.

[re: lelboy] [link to this post]
If you don't have the Win 7 disc then how are you going to reinstall? If you can get a disc then before doing a full install on another HD try doing a repair install - that may fix whatever the issue is.
Standard User iand
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 10-Jul-14 19:18:34
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Re: Win 7 Boot issue.

[re: lelboy] [link to this post]
Not sure what you did, but if this was me I would:

* Start in safe mode
* copy off all needed "own" files onto a USM stick

* In control panel, check any programs that were installed around that time and delete them
* In your web browser check for any activex controls you do not recognise and delete them
* In control panel device manager, look for the network card & USB drivers and delete them, they will be re-created in a reboot
* Look in control panel services and make sure the DNS client service is turned on automatically

* Reboot the PC and check if that fixes it.
If not then

* Find the web site your av gets its downloads from
* Get the I address of that web site
* go into the host file and manually put that in
* at the same time do the same for a few other non working web sites
*Reboot the PC
* Update to the latest AV software
* Also download the appropriate AV stinger type standalone AV tool. (you could do that on your other PC
* Check the PC
* Comment out the host file settings that you manually added
* Reboot and check again
If still not working use the manual standalone stinger AV tool
* If
still not working then its a PC issue.
* Compare the services started on this PC with another, start/stop to match a working PC
if still not working
* Copy the windows system32 files from a working PC into the faulty PC. (make a backup copy first into a different location
Check the start-up files (cant remember off hand how this is done), but ensure nothing started you do not want..
* Reboot and check again
* at this point if still a problem, then you are in trouble.

Hope that helps

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