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(experienced) Tue 04-Jan-11 16:16:11
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How is it?

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I have a line in use 24/7 that has been fine over the holiday period - now everyone is back to work I start to see several loss of PPP every day - Usually LCP timeout's where the magic packet is not sent back from the edge router or BRAS.

Funny this didn't happen at all over the 'holiday period' while there was no work going on anywhere on the BT side of the network.

I'm not even through today and I've already had 2 loss of PPP I suspect there will be more.

Little point in talking to TS as there is 'no fault found' when checked and the radius logs show the line as otherwise stable.

And oh BT DLM stuck on that line again at some point on the 1st Jan pushing the margin back up to 9dB, and by tomorrow I expect to be on 15dB.

What with the impending MSAN upgrades coming along next week this has served to make me re-evaluate BTWS service provision once more.

I shall let the upgrades go through and see what happens - otherwise there might be a lucky full LLU provider out there about to get all my lines and those I manage mograted over to them as a 'late xmass gift'
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