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Standard User andrewrobins
(member) Sat 08-Jan-11 17:54:09
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ADSL135 BRAS hell

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I had some trouble with a Netgear router yesterday, which basically died a protracted death, involving, over an hour or two, losing the connection four or five times, and each time finally resyncing at a lower speed.

I normally sync at 3500 or so, but this is what happened last night:

0 135 160 adsl135 Auto 07-Jan-2011 19:41 07-Jan-2011 19:41
0 135 160 adsl135 Auto 07-Jan-2011 19:13 07-Jan-2011 19:13
0 1000 1152 adsl1000 Auto 07-Jan-2011 19:01 07-Jan-2011 19:01
0 1750 2016 adsl1750 Auto 07-Jan-2011 18:38 07-Jan-2011 18:38

As you see, I'm currently on a less than wonderful adsl135 profile.

I swapped the router over last night, and have been synced at 3800 or so since then - one reboot this morning to swap over a filter - but other than that, fine, except the problem I'm stuck with dial up performance until the BRAS profile shifts significantly upwards.

Spoke to Zen tech support today who said this was the issue, adn that it could take 72 hours for the BRAS profile to shift.

I thought that, generally, the higher the increase in sync rate, the shorter the period before the BRAS profile showed some movement? Is that the case? If so, should i still be stuck on this profile almost 24 hours later?

Reason I ask is I'm working from home Monday, with a huge amount of work to do, and am worried I'm going to be unable to do any of it if I'm stuck in mt adsl135 ghetto!


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