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Standard User relentlessbb2011
(newbie) Sat 08-Jan-11 18:35:19
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Zen 8 IP Regrade

[link to this post]

I have recently changed to the 8 IP regrade.

I've got a pretty basic standard Belkin, and I have been attempting to set my public IP to one of those given to me, rather than the default one. Is it possible to do this or did I misunderstand the service?

What I mean to say (I realise how dumb this sounds), if my IP when I sync my router is but I am allowed to in my 8 range, how do I set my public IP to

I know those IPs are wrong they're just examples but I assume it has to do with the connection type, do I just use the PPPoA or the Dynamic/Fixed (1483 bridged) modes or what?

Thanks in advanced, every time I try to set it up it just doesn't seem to want to work.

Standard User aquilla
(knowledge is power) Sat 08-Jan-11 20:02:50
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Re: Zen 8 IP Regrade

[re: relentlessbb2011] [link to this post]

What is the model of your Belkin router? The 8 IP allocation will be something like this (let's assume Zen have assigned you (subnet mask: - Network Address (Not Usable) - First usable IP - Second usable IP - Third usable IP - Fourth usable IP - Fifth usable IP - Assigned to the router - Broadcast Address (Not usable).

Your router should pick up it's address automatically when you login and assign it to it's WAN interface. If your router allows it, you can use the same address on the LAN side of the router. On your PC you then assign it one of the other free IP addresses in your range (with the correct default gateway and subnet mask). You will then appear on the internet as "that IP" rather than being NAT'ed. Be warned though you will be open to the internet and should have a suitable firewall / protection in place.

Hope this helps.



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Standard User techguy
(member) Sat 08-Jan-11 20:21:14
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Re: Zen 8 IP Regrade

[re: aquilla] [link to this post]
also as you probably know already, make sure NAT is disabled on the router so that the IP address assigned to each device is visible from the Internet as opposed just the router's IP .6 being visible.

If you just wanted one public IP there is no point in having the 8 IP allocation.

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Standard User Cobra001
(member) Sat 08-Jan-11 23:45:12
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Re: Zen 8 IP Regrade

[re: techguy] [link to this post]
depends on the router.

Nat can support more than 1 IP, cisco routers you can have a nat pool of public addresses. The router can then either set those IP address to a set device or assign them on an as an when basis
Standard User mondeoman
(experienced) Sun 09-Jan-11 01:06:18
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Re: Zen 8 IP Regrade

[re: techguy] [link to this post]
True, but you don't have a choice if you just want to change the single IP Zen originally assigned to you.
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