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ISP Representative Jander
(isp) Mon 31-Jan-11 15:29:26
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New Webmail Client (Beta Test / Soft Launch)

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After going through Zen's internal evaluation and testing processes we are now pleased to offer access to our proposed webmail replacement. Please feel free to try the new webmail client at:

This client has gone through extensive testing but in order to gain feedback on the client, before we replace the existing system, we are deploying this as a beta-test. As such we won't be providing support on the beta-test system, but all comments and feedback may be emailed to:

We hope this new client meets our customers' requirements and expectations and intend to do a full launch in the very near future.

ZeN Principal Systems Engineer
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The above post has been made by an ISP REPRESENTATIVE (although not necessarily the ISP being discussed in the post).
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