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ISP Representative reidca
(isp) Fri 04-Mar-11 10:46:20
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New *preview* version of Firefox usage checker

[link to this post]
Please see the article on the Zen forum for details:

(If possible please leave any comments on the Zen forum so we can collate them together)


Systems Developer
Zen Internet Ltd.
The above post has been made by an ISP REPRESENTATIVE (although not necessarily the ISP being discussed in the post).
Standard User finn123
(experienced) Sat 05-Mar-11 21:36:40
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Re: New *preview* version of Firefox usage checker

[re: reidca] [link to this post]
Many thanks. Using it and working well with FF 3.6.14 (not registered on the zen user forum)

I doubt, therefore I doubt I am.

Edited by finn123 (Sat 05-Mar-11 21:37:21)

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