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Standard User amphion
(member) Sat 29-Oct-11 09:28:18
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Slow upstream speed

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My FTTC Fibre Office (40/10) connection with Zen went live yesterday.

Everything went smoothly. The engineer informed me my line has obtained maximum sync (which isn't surprising as my cab is less than 100m away as the crow flies).

However, I've noticed my upstream speed is only about half of the sync speed (around 5Mb/s). Ive done several runs on BT's speedtester site and the result is consistent (I've tried rebooting the modem).

Strangely, on my line achieves an average of 7.7Mb/s upload.

All speed tests report the expected ~38Mb/s downstream.

Any ideas? Is the upstream likely to increase? I heard some people say there is a 10-day training period for new FTTC connections; although as I have full upstream sync I can't see this making any difference.

Thanks for any help/info

Here is the latest BT speedtester result:

Test1 comprises of two tests

1. Best Effort Test: -provides background information.

Download Speed
35604 Kbps

0 Kbps 38717 Kbps
Max Achievable Speed

> Download speedachieved during the test was - 35604 Kbps

For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 16000-38717 Kbps .
Additional Information:
IP Profile for your line is -38717 Kbps

2. Upstream Test: -provides background information.

Upload Speed
4719 Kbps

0 Kbps 10000 Kbps
Max Achievable Speed

>Upload speed achieved during the test was - 4719 Kbps
Additional Information:
Upstream Rate IP profile on your line is - 10000 Kbps


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