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Standard User nbarker
(regular) Wed 02-Nov-11 09:58:54
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FTTC installation success

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Had my ADSL converted to FTTC yesterday via Zen.

Openreach engineer came and spent 1.5hrs doing the job - he had to come from another part of the country as BT had so many jobs on in this area (South Derbyshire).

He managed to use my existing wiring from master to extension in office and hence put new master in and also new extension socket to wiring in office for the modem to plug into.

All up and working quickly and now synching at 20Mb+ (which considering my distance to cabinet) is pretty good and I'm very pleased.

Excellent stuff.

-- <br>Neil Barker
Standard User G3UZF
(committed) Wed 02-Nov-11 10:54:30
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Re: FTTC installation success

[re: nbarker] [link to this post]

Welcome to the fast (well, faster) lane!

My OR chap fitted the two new sockets like yours did, but didn't use the existing 10 metres or so of the existing wiring, but replaced the connection with a 'Data Extension Cable' ( which I believe is Ethernet) from Master Socket to where the Modem is fitted in my office.

600 metres or so from the cabinet and getting around 25Mbps. Well happy.

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