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Standard User rbw91
(member) Tue 20-Mar-12 07:57:03
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Daily Outages to

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Hello Zen,

3 times in the last 4 days now I am experiencing outages on your FTTC service, where browsing simply redirects to and tells me that Zen is down.

It is strange as I can get some websites, example is always unaffected yet I cannot get to or even access the Zen website.

Probably a node outage somewhere but if you could let me know what is causing this and what can be done to fix it then that would be great.

Outages have all been between 5am and 8am and last between 45mins and 90mins and its getting quite frustrating now

ISP Representative SkyFire
(isp) Tue 20-Mar-12 09:48:15
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Re: Daily Outages to

[re: rbw91] [link to this post]

I'd recommend contacting our Technical Support team directly so we can look at the specifics and provide advice on appropriate diagnostics. Contact details can be found here.

kind regards,

Phil Long
ZeN Performance and Process Improvement Manager
15.4" MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt- raaa!

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