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Standard User AndyPandy
(experienced) Wed 16-May-12 15:28:23
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Resetting RAMBo/DLM

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After some line instability, perhaps because of the shocking weather recently, my line has gone from synching at 17Mbps down to 14Mbps.

It now seems stable at 14Mbps with a SNRM of 11, but obviously I'd like to get it back up again (it was stable at 17Mbps before).

A reboot after a while hasn't changed things, do I need to get Zen to do something?


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Standard User balami
(committed) Wed 16-May-12 19:11:07
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Re: Resetting RAMBo/DLM

[re: AndyPandy] [link to this post]
To be honest its probably best to wait. You should find that the DLM will try a lower SNRM during a future sync and if it is stable you should maintain that going forward.

In the past I have found it can take anything up to 30 days, though that may be because my router didn't re-sync during that period.

One thing I wouldn't do is too many router restarts limit it to a couple a week and you should be OK.

Zen are unlikely to want to get involved as you haven't lost too much speed.

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