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Standard User knight01
(learned) Thu 17-May-12 15:15:16
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What's happened to the upto 20mb adsl2+

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On the broadband page there is only upto 16mb available for adsl2+. What's happened to the upto 20mb service?

ZeN 8000 Active

ISP Representative SkyFire
(isp) Thu 17-May-12 15:21:43
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Re: What's happened to the upto 20mb adsl2+

[re: knight01] [link to this post]
ASA rules mean it can't be described as "up to 20Mbit/s", so it's described as up to 16Mbit/s. You'll probably notice similar changes across other ISP sites too.


Phil Long
ZeN Performance and Process Improvement Manager

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