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Standard User Seansmit17
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Fri 18-May-12 23:32:39
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Thinking of coming back

[link to this post]
Im looking at coming back to zen but have a few questions

My exchange (Pontybodkin) is not LLU or FTTC or ADSL2 enabled. Im stuck with ADSL MAX

I get the full 8mb at the moment.

If i got for Zen's office active/pro will i be able to get a slightly faster upload or will i be stuck with 448k still?

Thanks smile

Standard User 5km
(knowledge is power) Sat 19-May-12 00:32:26
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Re: Thinking of coming back

[re: Seansmit17] [link to this post]
No you'd need to sign up for "Office or Office Max"

"ADSL "up to 7Mbps" products are available on all exchanges in the UK. As with all broadband, actual speed is dependent on the length and quality of your telephone line. Upload speeds are "up to 448Kbps" on Lite, Active and Pro and "up to 832Kbps" on our business services, Office and Office Max."

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