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Standard User JustinM
(newbie) Mon 09-Jul-12 11:19:45
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Zen's Technical Support

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We are a Zen gold partner with a relativity significant number of customer ADSL connections and are becoming increasingly frustrated dealing with Zenís technical support . In particular getting them to service manage faults through to BTW. They seem reluctant to open fault tickets and on services where there are intermittent fault every time they seem unable to correlate the issue that was experience two weeks ago.

We also recently tried their backup service and could not get the client to install on a Server 2008 R2 machine, Zenís support on this was appalling they refused to escalate to the software vendor and blamed the serverís security settings. I took this up with the vendor directly and it turned out the .NET package was incorrect in their installer. I took the view that if this was how they were going to support an installation then they did not have the capability to support a restore that was falling.
Am I alone in experiencing degradation in Zenís support over the last couple of years, we have a couple of customers demanding that we migrate their service away from Zen and I am thinking of a more wholesale migration of our entire customer base.
We also use another ISP who we have a similar amount of connections with where the fault reporting and resolution process is fine, itís just Zenís that is causing so many problems.

Are we alone in experiencing these issues with Zen? I am willing to believe that we have got into a mindset of ďon no we have got to report a fault to ZenĒ and that is not helping! Has anyone any advice of an alternative ISP? There are lots of things we like about Zen, the network performance is good, the partner portal allows us to manage orders and changes and we get 8 static IPs on all install that we need.
Would be interested in hearing your views on this.
Standard User finn123
(experienced) Mon 09-Jul-12 11:53:45
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Re: Zen's Technical Support

[re: JustinM] [link to this post]
Have hosted several websites with Zen and the tech support (and all round customer support from all departments) has always been excellent in every aspect imaginable.

Never had a single bad experience with Zen.

I doubt, therefore I doubt I am.
Standard User balami
(committed) Mon 09-Jul-12 12:30:26
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Re: Zen's Technical Support

[re: JustinM] [link to this post]

I speak to Zen tech support at least a couple of times a week and generally find them helpful and efficient. With BT faults we try to test the circuit with a replacement router / filter which proves the issues are with BTO / BTW. The attix5 support isn't the best, but the knowledge base on the attix5 site is a good starting point. Zen do have a guy who knows the product but turn around on calls is often next day.

I have to say all in all I'd much rather speak to Zen than most other ISP's we deal with, so if you're finding the reverse is true something must be going wrong.

What issues are you seeing with intermittent connections? We have seen a few issues where good 21Cn lines (14 - 18Mb) just stop working.

All in all we are happy, the occasional BT / Zen issue on the London POP causes us problems, but hopfully that is now sorted.



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ISP Representative SkyFire
(isp) Tue 10-Jul-12 13:42:40
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Re: Zen's Technical Support

[re: JustinM] [link to this post]
Hi Justin,

Would you be able to PM me details of the Vault account you experienced problems with please so Technical Support management can look in to the issues you've raised here?

kind regards,

Phil Long
ZeN Performance and Process Improvement Manager

Please note, I will not respond to unsolicited private messages.
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