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Standard User fatnbald
(learned) Fri 17-Aug-12 12:53:47
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post 21 CN move, modem issues

[link to this post]
Just a note of caution that not all 21CN moves go 100% to plan.

The line got upgraded through zen on wed and since then I could not log on to adsl trough zen.

After a few tests and trials an various phone calls to the helpful support crew it turns out that the modem router I have is not compatable with 21cn (linksys WAS54GS).
No ones fault or anyhting, just one of those things I supose.

Pulled out an old spare modem that was gathering dust in the cupboard and it works. so back online but at present no network set up until i can sort a new wifi router.

Just hope the upgrade to the higher speeds works .

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