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Standard User npollicott
(newbie) Thu 07-Feb-13 10:03:27
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Line fault - PPP dropping but not sync, Support unhelpful.

[link to this post]

Tried to report a fault on this line. It appears that PPP is dropping but not sync. this can only be brought back to life by a hard reset of the router.

Swapped router and cable to master socket for brand new on Friday.
Still experiencing exact same issue.

Have been told to look at router status page when the line is down. Have also just now been told that I should look to change the router to a different model, and even if PPP is dropping with that one, there is nothing that can be done as Zen would be unable to report this as a fault to BT!

So basically, I've been told 'you could try and change the router again, but if that doesn't work, we can't do anything.'

Any ideas as to how to proceed to actually get something done? Line has been solid and reliable for over a year until last week.

ISP Representative SkyFire
(isp) Thu 07-Feb-13 10:40:52
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Re: Line fault - PPP dropping but not sync, Support unhelpfu

[re: npollicott] [link to this post]

Looking at the notes and diagnostics it seems that you probably have two issues here;

Firstly, there's some kind of physical issue affecting the service (which resulted in drops, the consequence of this is your line profile dropping) over the period since the problem started. Most of those drops occurred in a short period of time on one day. You should do the usual checks to eliminate local interference or faulty filters (test from test socket for a period of time, check everything's filtered that should be - and eliminate DECT 'phones etc.). Also check for line noise/ensure your voice line is working correctly.

Secondly, your router hasn't reacted well to the problem and reconnected as it should; so a different model may not experience the same problem; it's a case of changing a variable to eliminate it as a cause - particularly given the reboot appears to allow reconnection which typically points to the router being the problem.

It may also be the case the drops we've seen were a temporary "blip", given most occurred in a short time window, and a different model allows things to stabilise without you needing to check for local wiring issues.

If you do check for physical issues locally, and they don't resolve the issue, it'll be very difficult for us to progress something with BT if the router isn't behaving as it should - as it's difficult to determine whether a failure to reconnect is the router or an indication that a physical fault might be present.

I'd recommend doing the local physical line checks/diagnostics and trying the different router make/model to see if things stabilise. If the problem persists then call Support again so we can take a look at what's happening (hopefully with more "normal" results due to the change of router) that would allow us to have a clearer idea of the problem and progress it.


Phil Long
ZeN Performance and Process Improvement Manager

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