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Standard User katka
(learned) Wed 10-Apr-13 22:38:52
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Waving goodbye after 12 years or so...

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Thank you Zen for many years of brilliant service from the original user number 11077 (moved house when it was not possible to keep it). You kept me sane and my work ticking along while others tore their hair out in desperation having signed up with Tiscali and the like. So thanks.

Now however it's time to go. I guess it was inevitable, with my family Internet needs growing (and how!) and line speeds gradually dropping. Funny that, speed issues only started after I dropped BT line in favour of Zen - what happened?

So I am enjoying my first evening of fibre optic connection. Whoosh!!! No, I did not go back to BT, no way. But will have to change my signature now frown

I'm ZeNning it - no need to get worked up...
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