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Standard User Corona
(member) Sat 23-Nov-13 22:17:48
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to Zen..

Reality of brand-new Apple MacBook Pro limping along with a stuttering if serviceable Virgin connection pushed me to again investigate whether and when Zen Fibre (via BT Infinity) available in my new abode..

I knew the answer to be 'no' - Samknows checked - and who knows when. God, yes, knows all. But we do not. Resigned to continue but thought Zen ADSL certainly worth ditching Virgin for far snappier latency - and likely raw speed too..

Shockingly, I have been an idiot(!)..

My landline Virgin obviously so no wonder non-committal answers from checkers.. Although I am (or thought I was) sure I had received a negative answer from post-code checks as well..

Unlimited 2 ordered...

Belatedly realised need not have ordered telephone line (in terms of line rental) and so will try to cancel this on Monday and simply pay the £5 monthly extra for fibre broadband only. Also that stock £30 router also best cancelled in favour of 802.11ac kit (Airport Extreme perhaps?). Idiocy less shocking on second and third outing but easily fixed (God-willing..).

To those contemplating the wilderness of cheaper suppliers out there.. It is bleak out there.

To those out.. Come home.

Edited to include :

High Low High Low
FTTC Range A (Clean) 76.9 76.9 20 20 -- Available
FTTC Range B (Impacted) 76.9 76.9 20 20 -- Available

Other Offerings
Fibre Multicast -- -- -- Available

Oh happy day..

Edited by Corona (Sat 23-Nov-13 22:34:13)

ISP Representative Azzaka
(isp) Sun 24-Nov-13 14:33:46
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Re: Back

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Welcome back smile

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