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Standard User Spudgun
(regular) Wed 19-Feb-14 20:10:20
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Leave Sky LLU contract early to Zen FTTC - how to proceed

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Hi smile

My local FTTC cabinet has been installed today and it looks as if it is due to have its power/fibre connected during the next week from the information stored on, so give or take a few inevitable delays, I would expect to have a working fibre connection in the next couple of months.

I am currently under contract to Sky LLU for phone broadband until July 2014, but I am aware that I can end this contract early as long as I cover the cost of the contract for the remaining days/months as outline here - - which I would have no problem at all in doing.

I would like to rejoin Zen when my FTTC connection is available as I was a very happy customer of theirs when i had their ADSL Max product before LLU products became available on my exchange.

I'd like to ask what the best way is of making this happen so that I can ensure that I am as prepared as possible on the day that orders on my cabinet open.

Should I contact Sky, tell them I am leaving and pay off the rest of my contract and then contact Zen via phone to place an order?

Or should I just contact Zen to place and order and wait for the bill for the unused portion of my contract from Sky?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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