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Standard User kadison44
(committed) Wed 09-Apr-14 11:04:39
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Line data on customer portal

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Since having fibre installed around three weeks ago I've noticed resync events are being listed on the portal. Quite interesting knowing the actual speed I get as the modem is locked down by BT.

The sync speed has never changed but it seemed to do it sometimes a couple of times a day, sometimes every two days. Now, as of the day my phone line switched to zen (around a week ago) there's been no more of these events listed.

Does this mean...
My connection has settled from some sort of training period?
Events are no longer trackable being on Zen's phone line?
A co-incidence?

Standard User lexden16
(member) Mon 14-Apr-14 15:01:53
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Re: Line data on customer portal

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I do not recall seeing this type of activity on my line when I switched to FTTC 2/1/2 years ago and when I switched ISPs 18 months or so ago. As everything has settled, and if you are content with your speeds, the I would just be inclined to sit back and wait. The Line Data on the Zen site will only change if the IP profile changes. Remember, if there is an interference event on a FTTC line, then the DLM is very quick to intervene but very...very (days) slow to recover. The ISP has no control over this.
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