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Standard User mixt
(experienced) Tue 22-Apr-14 11:31:32
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From A to Z

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So, after nearly a decade, I'm back with Zen. Been with various ISPs over the years (see my sig) but this is a milestone in the sense that it is the first time I've left an ISP only to return to it some years later.

Previous ISP was A&A and I have left because the metering was getting to me during peak hours. I also note that running various speed tests spanning weeks leading up to my migration to Zen showed a speed that started out consistently at around 37Mbits/sec with them when I first got FTTC (40/10Mb, full-sync) has some what deteriorated slightly as getting speeds around 30Mbits/sec on most test runs just before the switch over this morning. Not sure the reason for that, but in any case... *drum role*

... *cymbol hit* Now on (according to the Zen portal) roughly a 60/20Mb service (full 20Mb upload) and getting around 57Mbits/sec on speed tests early this morning. Seem to be getting anywhere between 40-57Mbits/sec on speed tests just now (which is expected as the UF2 package guarantees a minimum of 40Mbits/sec or 70% of line speed, which ever is less, during busy times). All in all, I'm a happy (easter) bunny.

PS - Distance to cabinet I'm guestimating from Google Maps to be around 400-450m so speed looks about right for the line length (BT line checker also got it spot on).

Thank you Zen!

ZeN | 21CN | IPv6 via HE | 60/20Mb FTTC
Previous ISPs: <> | Virgin Media (50Mb/Cable) | Be* Un Limited | ZeN
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