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Standard User RaveDave
(newbie) Wed 21-May-14 16:03:49
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Very disappointed with Zen

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I have been a Zen customer since 2005 and over that time i would estimate i have spent over £3000 on their various broadband packages, it is well known that Zen are one of the more expensive ISP's on the market, but the reason that most stay with them, myself included is the high level of customer service they are known for, yet today i find myself sitting here having been left to my own devices to try and resolve a problem that i as a normal residential user have no chance of solving.

My story is this. I contacted Zen on Friday 9th May to upgrade from my ZenPro package to their Fibre Unlimited Fibre 2 package and to move my phone package to them from BT. When going through the ordering process it was noted at the time by the Zen staff member taking my order that the database they use (BT tags on the line) had a different postcode to the correct one i had listed with Zen, but i was told that it shouldn't be a problem and the order was accepted and processed an Openreach engineer was booked for the 1pm-6pm slot on Monday 19th May.

On Monday 19th May nothing happened no engineer arrived nor was i contacted by anyone, as Zen aren't contactable after 6pm, i had no choice but to wait until the Tuesday morning to phone them, on the Tuesday morning i rang Zen and was told that an Openreach engineer had arrived at 2:10pm and had been told by the householder that they knew nothing about a Fibre broadband order, as i had been at home all day and that had not happened it was surmised that the engineer must have went to the house listed at the incorrect postcode, i was then told that my order could not be progressed until this incorrect postcode on this tags on the line databse was corrected, i was told that it was a BT issue as it was their database, it was suggested to me i should ring BT customer services.

I phoned BT customer services and was put through to a call centre in India, were i explained my problem to the lady, but she repeatedly told me that she had no record of this incorrect postcode on their database, my billing address and phone installation address were both correct, i rang Zen back and told them this, the Zen customer service rep said she would send me a screengrab showing what was coming up on her system, she did this.

Again I contacted BT this time i decided i would contact their broadband sales number and see what would happen if i asked about getting fibre broadband, the BT rep took my phone number and confirmed i was able to get fibre and told me the speeds, i asked her what postcode it was showing on her system for my phone number she said it didn't show any on her system, i then challenged her that the system that is used to order fibre should have one listed and that i had a screengrab showing their own database with an incorrect postcode, i asked to speak to a manager and was told none were available and that she would get one of them to call me, i'm still waiting on that call.... I also tweeted them, joined their forum and asked for help on there and i emailed them, i have had no response.

I have since done a lot of research on the internet and through asking for help on here and thanks to the kindness of strangers have learnt that this tags on the line database seems to be maintained by BT Wholesale, BT Wholesale will not speak to ordinary residential customers and will only speak to ISP's. So Zen advising me to contact BT Customer services was a waste of time as that is BT Retail, a different company within the BT Group.

It appears the only people who can solve this are Zen through contacting BT Wholesale, a company i am sure they deal with everyday of the week. Yet they are showing no interest in doing this, i am trying to give them more business; signing up for 12 months of fibre and taking my phone package to them as well yet they won't give me help when i need it, 9 years of loyal custom and recommendations to several friends over the years and this is how i am treated.
ISP Representative mickbzen
(isp) Thu 22-May-14 09:49:10
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Re: Very disappointed with Zen

[re: RaveDave] [link to this post]
Good morning, please could you PM me your Zen account details so I can investigate this further on your behalf?

Kind Regards

Mick Bolton

ZeN Internet Customer Services
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The above post has been made by an ISP REPRESENTATIVE (although not necessarily the ISP being discussed in the post).
Standard User RaveDave
(newbie) Wed 04-Jun-14 17:21:09
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Re: Very disappointed with Zen

[re: mickbzen] [link to this post]
The problem has now been resolved, i emailed the Chief Executive of BT explaining the problem and he passed it on to his senior complaints team. It took them two weeks from my initial contact with the Chief Executive to get it resolved but it finally is, the difference in attitude between his team and the normal BT customer care people is remarkable, i had phone calls every day updating me on what was being done and i was given a direct contact number for the woman on his team looking after my case.

If anyone has similar issues don't waste your time with contacting BT customer services go straight to the Chief Executive.

I also would like to point out that i had an offer of help from Zen, but as i had already instigated my direct contact with the Chief Executive i didn't want to confuse the issue by getting them involved.

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