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Standard User TD4
(newbie) Sat 26-Jul-14 21:58:32
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Openreach Fibre Modem

[link to this post]
Zen Fibre 2 being installed on 07/08/2014 (Can't wait been on 2 meg for 7 years!) my cab is about 210 meters away and the BT checker estimates

FTTC Range A (High) 80 Down (Low) 77.7 FTTC Range A (High) 20 Up (Low) 20
FTTC Range B (High) 80 Down (Low) 69.1 FTTC Range B (High) 20 Up (Low) 17.9

The cab is a Huawei 288 is it still preferable to match the modem to the cab or is that no longer important?
Can you even choose between a Huawei and ECI Modem?


Standard User adslmax
(knowledge is power) Sun 27-Jul-14 01:03:41
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Re: Openreach Fibre Modem

[re: TD4] [link to this post]
Your estimated are the same as mine. My cabinet are within 200 meters away. And It's Huawei 288 cab, as openreach gave me ECI modem but u cannot see the stats at all and this modem are connect at 77.43Mbps IP Profile rate. The Huawei modem (unlocked modem) which I use can see the full stats and the IP Profile are the same at 77.43Mbps.

Here is my speedtest via Plusnet Fibre Router wifi:
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