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Standard User Provster
(member) Fri 17-Oct-14 15:58:10
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My Zen install experience

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I ordered Zen Fibre and had it installed on the 6th. The Kelly Communications guy who came to install it made a poor job of it and left me with no dialtone and no internet - he didn't even check that either were working before he left. He was itching to leave and said "Oh yeah it will all work in a few hours".

After about 5 hours, I got internet for about 30 mins before it cut out. The speeds I got were 30 down and 1.2 up - which was way off the estimate.

I then called up Zen and we logged a voice fault. Openreach fixed that the next day, and my speeds went up to 40 down and 2 up. After another day, I called Zen again to say the speeds were not what my estimates were and they agreed that something wasn't quite right. They logged a broadband fault with Openreach and again, that was fixed the next day too.

I came home and did a speed test and it turned out out I now had the full 80/20, with the modem syncing at 80000/20000. Since then, I've had about a week of internet and the speeds are consistent at every time of the day, I don't seem to get any slowdown and the latency is great. The connection is rock solid and stable and I consistently get 8.5mb/sec download speeds.

Zen were great at sorting out the problems which were not caused by them in any way. I always got through to a member of staff after less than 5 minutes and I was treated with respect, there were no scripts and everything was resolved fast. They have even refunded me for the days where I had no internet/phone.

This is EXACTLY why I chose Zen. I imagine if I'd chosen BT Infinity, I would have had a huge amount of hassle and they may not have even dealt with the broadband fault at all. I am glad of my choice.

Thanks Zen!

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ISP Representative mickbzen
(isp) Mon 20-Oct-14 10:50:00
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Re: My Zen install experience

[re: Provster] [link to this post]

Thank you for the comments and feedback. Its greatly appreciated.

I have forwarded the information onto our Head of Operations.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards

Mick Bolton

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Standard User Provster
(member) Thu 23-Oct-14 17:50:02
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Re: My Zen install experience

[re: mickbzen] [link to this post]

I mostly dealt with Phil in the end who said he was the faults manager.

I still have a great 80/20 service, no issues at all for 2 weeks now.

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