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Standard User Corona
(member) Sun 02-Nov-14 22:47:29
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Zen LLU and FTTPod

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Dual and somewhat interlinked query..

I am a Zen FTTC customer since 12/2013 (Zen ADSL in the more distant past and returned after a hiatus via Be and Virgin).

Day 1 was amazing - quick and responsive. Sadly a BT/affiliate engineer appeared to muck with the line at the cabinet a day later and broadband lost for several days involving repeated calls to Zen, repeated checking of BT socket in house (new line had been installed and all peachy for first 24 hours) etc.

Eventually reconnected but never felt quite as quick or responsive and had resolved to switch to another (AAISP mooted as not at home during the day) at year end if only with the hope that some further tinkering somewhere in change process might restore original experience.

A couple of months ago matters appeared to improve without any change on my part. Curious but grateful and made no effort to question.

As contract 12 month point loomed into view I noticed that, firstly, sync speed had returned to 80001 (as per day 1 - had (marginally) reduced on reconnect as above but perceived speed and responsiveness was appreciably reduced). Second, FTTPod now apparently available at my exchange. Intriguingly, my exchange now also Zen LLU enabled (only one in the county incredibly).

My question is whether anyone has a reasonable explanation for experience as above and, separately, whether 330/30 FTTP is available to residential customers at such locations? My reading appears to suggest 110/30 available which seems to be not worthy of the expense.

Finally, as per title what benefits might being at a Zen LLU confer, if any, on FTTC/P?..

Any thoughts gratefully received..
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 03-Nov-14 00:34:51
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Re: Zen LLU and FTTPod

[re: Corona] [link to this post]
The Dynamic Line Management (DLM) on FTTC is running 24/7 and makes decisions to slow down or speed up based on number of errors seen over time, so looks like the errors during the fault have been seen to be cleared by the DLM and speed given back.

Zen LLU should mean no changes in terms of what you order, but that with Zen network at the exchange they can pick up your data straight onto their network, reducing their costs and hence able to offer FTTC at prices close to the big providers.

FTTPoD comes on one flavour only - 330 down and 30 up and with a 3 year contract from Openreach. Install fee depends on distance from the aggregation node and minimum install is £750 if cab is outside, or a few thousand if further away, then an Openreach cost of £99/month (compared to £10 for the FTTC service), so often retails to the SME market at £150 to £200 per month.

It is a lot of money to gain the speed and stability, but it still cheaper than the old method of a dedicated leased line.

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Standard User Corona
(member) Wed 05-Nov-14 20:22:08
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Re: Zen LLU and FTTPod

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
Thank you Mr Saffron.

It was rather mysterious and I felt rather ungrateful in that but for the knowledge of what it could be I would not have had cause to complain at all.

FTTPoD attractive as cabinet nearby but am likely to move well within that timeframe. Tempting nonetheless..

Thank you again.

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