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Standard User jjones
(member) Fri 08-May-15 12:04:04
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When's an install date not an install date?

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So today was my Fibre install date, AM appointment booked, email from zen:

"This is a reminder that we have confirmed an appointment for an engineer to visit your premises and install the required equipment"

But they hadn't in fact confirmed anything with anyone.

Initially I made a mistake when ordering the FTTC product as I incorrectly ordered a fresh install not a regrade - not sure why the website allows you to do this when they can see your telephone number and also see that you are an existing ADSL customer...

As part of this original order there is a switch from BT line rental to Zen line rental.

Later that day Zen contacted me via email and told me the FTTC order was cancelled and that I needed to order it as a service regrade as I am an existing customer. Fair enough, I gave them a call and confirmed that the new customer FTTC order was cancelled and they asked me if I wished to cancel the phone line switch as well, I asked them to confirm that by leaving the line transfer in place it would not affect my regrade FFTC order and was told no it will have no effect. Hearing this I told them I was happy to leave this line transfer part of the order open and this was scheduled for he 14/May.

The information I was given was wrong, apparently the FTTC regrade that should be happening today and my lovely wife has stayed in so that we can get the order fulfilled has wasted her time. As there was an existing order on the phone line (the change from bt to zen rental) then the FFTC was not even booked with BT!

So there the order tracker in zen was happily churning away sending me emails telling me the appointment has been confirmed with a BT engineer and to make sure someone is there when in fact nothing of the sort has happened.

I have now had to reorder my regrade from fresh and as yet do not know when the install will take place.

This is the first time I have had an issue with the usually excellent Zen in 8.5 years but to say I am extremely disappointed with this is an understatement.

zen max 6400/343
Standard User radar
(learned) Sat 09-May-15 04:59:28
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Re: When's an install date not an install date?

[re: jjones] [link to this post]
When I upgraded to Unlimited Fibre 2 from ADSL2+ the website would not let me. It said to contact Zen by telephone to arrange the order.


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