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Standard User bunter12345
(learned) Sun 27-Sep-15 22:37:07
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Zen FTTC connection with Cisco 887VA router

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I am interested in replacing my DrayTek Vigor router on my Zen FTTC connection with a Cisco 887VA router as the DrayTek has not been working reliably. I have no real experience with Cisco IOS and wondered if someone had a config that they could share for this router?

The additional "issue" is that I am looking for a non-nat configuration. The router needs to connect to the FTTC service (VLAN 101) and listen on one of my 5 useable external Zen ip addresses and simply pass all traffic to my firewall which is on another Zen external address. I don't want the router to provide any LAN services or DHCP or anything like that.

Anyone who has any experience in this configuration would be great.
Standard User David_W
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 28-Sep-15 06:44:30
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Re: Zen FTTC connection with Cisco 887VA router

[re: bunter12345] [link to this post]
If you have another firewall, why go to all the complexity and expense of a device like the Cisco? I use a HG612 Openreach modem with my firewall. If you don't have an Openreach modem, revision 3B HG612 are available fairly cheaply on eBay.

You can either use the HG612 as a bridge and run PPPoE on your firewall, or you can install the hacked firmware and configure the HG612 as a router. Personally I'd run PPPoE from your firewall, which is what I do in my setup.

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