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Standard User Ripley
(experienced) Sat 18-Jun-16 12:37:49
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Block of 8 IP addresses

[link to this post]
It maybe just me but up until now i'v never figured out how to use my block of ip addresses allocated to my account. I thought the setup could only be NAT just using one of the ip's or a fully no NAT setup which isn't really practical for a home user if you are connecting phones and ipads etc.

I've finally figured with a Draytek router you can use a combination of Nat and no NAT. I have one external ip address allocated to the general network and then you can also us 5 of the other external ip addresses by setting up a different sub net on the router. I have all of my gadgets on internal addresses and two machines with different external addresses.

Maybe it was just me who's always wondered how to make use of the block off addresses that Zen provide. If anyone else is interested I will gladly post instructions as to what I did.

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Standard User caffn8me
(knowledge is power) Sat 18-Jun-16 15:16:55
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Re: Block of 8 IP addresses

[re: Ripley] [link to this post]
There is a guide on the Zen Knowledgebase for routed IPs with Draytek 2800s at

I'm not sure how up to date this is though.


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