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Standard User NJSS
(learned) Thu 11-Aug-16 15:10:52
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Zen Fibre - please ignore !

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I clearly got this wrong - apologies, please ignore what follows:-

I have emailed screen prints to Mr Saffron, but it appears that Zen have just reduced the prices for
Fibre 1 £19.50 p.m to £16.25 p.m.
Unlimited Fibre 1 £27.00 p.m to £22.50 p.m.
Unlimited Fibre 2 £30.00 p.m. to £25.00 p.m.

The activation charge has come down in each case from £30 to £25 and the line rental goes up by a massive £0.01 to £17.00 per month.


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Standard User David_W
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 11-Aug-16 15:38:03
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Re: Zen Fibre price reduction - 11/08/2016

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There is no price cut - you merely accessed the Business pages, rather than the Home pages. The Home prices include VAT, the Business prices do not. Business users pay a higher line rental than Home users.

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