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Standard User jeggers
(newbie) Sat 03-Sep-16 18:46:33
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Glad to be back with Zen

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I moved away from Zen ADSL about 7 years ago, tempted by a cheaper offer by O2. I then went to Plusnet when O2 became Sky and got frustrated with their slow Customer Service. I decided it was time to move to FTTC in an attempt to improve the 10/0.9 speeds I was getting with +net (although the upload speeds seemed pretty flakey and would frequently drop to 0.4).

The migration went smoothly on 31 Aug and I was getting approx 20/4 straight away which I was happy with. Then yesterday phone went dead and router lost sync. I called Zen cust support at about 1945 last night and they booked an Openreach engineer site visit, which was arranged for next Tuesday. I then get a call from engineer at 1300 today and he turns up 1/2 hour later, identifies fault in cabinet, fixes it by 2pm and we now have 29/5 speeds.

Thank you legendary Zen Customer Support. Very glad to be back with you smile
Standard User BatBoy
(sensei) Sat 03-Sep-16 19:54:08
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Re: Glad to be back with Zen

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I wonder for how long your problems were caused by a line fault?
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