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Standard User Kamil
(regular) Mon 28-Nov-16 19:59:38
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Zen absolute shambles (total poop)

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So after being with zen for almost a year it is time to summarise.

Many months of poor single thred at the beginning of the year was just a start. Fobbing me and many others off with [censored] excuses for months on emd untjl finally fixing the matter..

Now we sent zen an email on the 16th of November with 30 day notice on the services as we are moving..

Lo and behold on the 23rd there is no internet still has got dial tone.

Quick phone call to zen and I discovered that we requested the line to be stopped immediately and not after the 30 day notice. I was told that I have definitely rung to do this.

At this point I am getting worked up as they are lying and trying to cover up.

All being well we are assured that the issue will be fixed promptly. By Friday the 25th we are advised to purchase a dongle (will get reimbursed for it apparently).

Today at 1pm received an email that the line will be ceased on the 29th so tomorrow.

They sure did not leave much time for us to call them before 5pm..

So this is where we are.

The once stellar provider famous for its impeccable service and customer relation has become pretty much useless.

We are moving and going back to our previous provider (pulse 8) only moved away due to download restrictions with pulse 8 at the time.

Oh and this is business line much needed for the office work thatneeds to be completed.

Zen doesnt seem to care to the tune of 50 quid per month.

Guess what zen stick your service where sun dont shine I shall never entertain the idea of resigning with you.

I hope this will help folks who have not made their mind up yet.

Do not fall in to the trap of 12 month contract with incompetent people at the helm.



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