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Standard User jack8
(experienced) Sat 20-Jan-18 00:07:04
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Technicolor tgb589

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This was the router that Zen gave me some while ago and still running better know then when I first got it, what is the life span of it as had it over two years

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Standard User kebabselector
(committed) Sat 20-Jan-18 10:19:09
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Re: Technicolor tgb589

[re: jack8] [link to this post]
Difficult to answer to be honest. My old Draytrek router started to go a bit bonkers after 5 years, but it still worked with adsl fine and was only replaced when I switched over to zenís big deal and got a free FritzBox.

If you are suspicious about future router problems it might cheaper and easier to replace cables, filters/faceplates first.

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