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Standard User b4dger
(knowledge is power) Fri 23-Mar-18 08:52:03
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New customer - 'Go Live Day' - number not recognised?

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I'm helping a relative after a house move and I recommended Zen for the their new land line and calls.

The new line was ordered on the 8th Match and today (23rd) is the go live day we've been given in earlier emails. I've just tried phoning the number and it's still returning a 'number not unrecognised".

Can anyone say when this is likely to change - or when I should start worrying that it's not going to plan?

Earlier thread for background:

EDIT: After phoning Zen for an update I've been told it could happen anytime up to midnight.
EDIT2: Corrected typo in the subject field.

Edited by b4dger (Fri 23-Mar-18 18:32:15)

Standard User b4dger
(knowledge is power) Fri 23-Mar-18 17:29:02
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Re: New customer - 'Go Live Day' - number not unrecognised?

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Pleased to say the line became available around 5pm smile

No reply to my Zen Tweet enquiry and the 'all complete' email must still be in the system - but relieved the actual line order has gone to plan which is the important bit!

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